Predictive Human Analytics

Save time. Eliminate bias. Hire better.

Crosschq provides a cloud-based application that brings efficiency to the archaic process of conducting personal references. Powered by machine learning, we provide a solution that efficiently gathers, analyzes and authenticates information about a candidate. In addition to providing data to help the enterprise make better decisions, we let candidates collect, manage and share their verified data, helping them achieve their personal goals and objectives while maintaining transparency throughout the hiring process.

Our solutions are easily integrated into your existing technologies and work flow all in an effort to help you protect and grow your greatest asset – your people.

Quantitative Referencing

• Fast and efficient
• Data-driven decisions
• Bias-free survey methodology
• Customizable
• Back-channel

User Locker

• Candidate transparency
• Reference reminders
• Portable & shareable
• Activity feed
• Additional verifications

“Crosschq provides real data, quickly enabling more informed decision making.”

Yoni Lateiner, Recruiting Lead, Nerd Wallet


Quantifiable and unbiased data.

Crosschq’s solution is based upon information that is quantifiable and unbiased, not on “gut feelings”. Crosschq is not a consumer reporting agency, and Crosschq does not provide consumer reports. For more information, check out What is CrosschqTerms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.