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New Hire Analytics

The gold standard in quality of hire measurement, empowering people teams with the intelligence they need to start hiring better today. Schedule a time to learn more about Crosschq’s New Hire Analytics platform and get a free 24-month quality of hire baselining.

  • Quality of Hire Measurement
  • Map Employee Lifecycle
  • Predict Candidate Success
  • Manage Diversity Hiring Metrics
  • On-Demand Performance Scoring

    Complete this form to get in touch with one of our experts to see our New Hire Analytics platform in action. We’ll show you a new way measure hiring success!

    Single source of truth for Quality of Hire.

    Crosschq’s data driven platform helps
    companies hire to optimize business outcomes.

    The Candidate Intelligence Cloud™

    Baseline Profiles


    Predictive QoH


    Employee Lifecycle