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Free Quality of Hire Analytics Assessment.

Do you know…

Which of your new hires will last longest? Perform best? Add the most value to your culture?

Find out now! Schedule a demo with our product experts and take your talent analytics to the next level, today.

    Complete this form to get in touch with one of our experts to see our digital reference checking and talent analytics platform in action. We’ll show you how you can use Crosschq to hire, better.

    Make Crosschq your single source of truth by integrating your HRIS, ATS, performance management, engagement software and more.

    Identify retention & churn trends

    Locate inflection points in employee lifecycles to mitigate churn and build programs to improve retention.

    Track top performers

    Ensure top performers are nurtured and prioritized, and that all employees are getting the development they need at the right time.

    Robust segmentation capabilities

    Slice and dice your analysis by any employee attribute you have available including DEI class, department, manager and more.

    Improve quality of hire

    Join pre-hire assessment data with post-hire data to mine for candidates that will flourish in your organization.

    Benchmarks & comparative analysis

    See how your organization stacks up against your industry, and compare multiple cohorts within your enterprise.

    Understand causality & correlation

    It’s not enough to know what’s happening with your employees. You need to know how and why it’s happening to take meaningful action.

    Predict future success

    Build profiles of your most impactful employees and let our machine learning algorithms identify employees AND candidates on the right track.

    Modular & customizable

    Integrate with HRIS, ATS, performance management software, employee engagement platforms and more to add more layers to your analysis.

    Data safety & security

    Your data’s privacy and security are our top concerns.  SOC2, PII, GDPR and more compliance measures are in place so you can rest easy.

    Trusted by data-driven enterprises.