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How Crosschq Can Help You Get To Know Your Candidates Without An In-Person Interview

by Nicole Garelick

Head of Customer Success at Crosschq

by Nicole Garelick

Head of Customer Success at Crosschq

Many companies are moving toward ‘remote offers’, hiring candidates without ever meeting them in-person. To do this effectively, a robust video interviewing process and toolset is key. In addition, reference checking is becoming even more important to gather meaningful insights and a 360° view of your candidate’s skills, attributes, and behaviors especially without an in-person meeting.

Here are 5 pro-tips to use Crosschq to help you get the most out of your reference checks in a world where ‘remote offers’ are becoming more commonplace:

Use Crosschq for all of your new hires – all levels & roles

If you’re not using Crosschq for all of you hires, you need to. Configure job and management level-specific surveys to ensure you’re getting precise candidate data.

Move reference checks up in your hiring process

Doing reference checks prior to your video or phone interviews will give you the information you need to allow your hiring teams to get more value out of their remote interviews.

Increase the number of references you require of candidates

Recruiters & hiring managers spend no additional time sourcing 4 references instead of 2 with Crosschq. However, 4 sets of impactful insights instead of 2 will lead to better hiring decisions.

Activate custom questions on comfort with remote work

Do your candidates like to work remotely? Do their references think your candidates produce at the same level as when they are in office? It’s important to know now more than ever.

Utilize our culture module to ensure compatibility

With a virtualized workforce, unity within your organization is paramount. Ensure new hires are an add to your existing culture. Crosschq can customize surveys to make sure you have these important questions covered.

We cannot say if these hiring trends will last, but the habits you create now can help as the future unfolds.  With Crosschq, you can still hire great team members in this climate without it feeling like a blind date.  Please reach out to your Crosschq account manager or email for additional support or if you have any questions.